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Young Life / Vida Joven Established: 2001

Though Venezuela has struggled with economic and political unrest for many years, its chief industry remains oil production. As of 2010, Venezuela holds the largest crude oil reserve in the western hemisphere. The tropical nation is populated by more than 29 million people, and it is one of the most urbanized countries in Latin America. Its capital city, as well as its largest, is Caracas. The tense relationship between Venezuela and the United States has created numerous difficulties in sustaining ministry efforts since Young Life (Vida Joven) was first established in 2001. 

Rogelio leads efforts in the town of Rubio where he manages an active club and a strong Campaigners group. He receives regular guidance from leaders in Colombia and the Dominican Republic. Together, they seek to raise up the next generation of Venezuelan leaders to extend Young Life's ministry into the larger cities of the country.





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