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Young Life / Algo Nuevo Established: 1974

Peru is a country of 27 million people with about 30 percent of the population located in the capital city of Lima. There are more than three million teens between the ages of 12-18 and less than 7 percent of them consider themselves Christian. Only 63 percent of teenagers have the chance to attend school and unemployment is rampant. 

The ministry of Young Life (Algo Nuevo) reaches out to these teens in a way few others do. Algo Nuevo staff work across all kinds of barriers in Peru—working with teenagers in high schools, teenagers with disabilities, teenagers from urban and low economic areas, but also others from middle- and upper-class areas, doing WyldLife (outreach to middle-school kids) and even working with alumni. Our team there is a great mix of staff, part-time staff, teachers, and many volunteers who have been impacted by the ministry and who now dedicate their time and energy to impact others.

The greatest challenges among teenagers today are dysfunctional homes, production and distribution of drugs at a very low price in jungle areas, and gang activity. 26 percent of teenagers live in rural areas without access to healthcare, education, or even a church that preaches the gospel. Young Life Algo Nuevo is committed to work with teenagers in a culture that continues to recover from terrorism, economic crisis; teaching teenagers to dream again.




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