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Young Life / Vida Joven Established: 1988

Nicaragua is the largest country (by size) in Central America, as well as the poorest, sandwiched between Honduras and Costa Rica. The capital city is Managua, where close to one-quarter of the nation's population lives. Coffee grown in the north-central highlands remains one of the country's chief exports. 

Young Life (Vida Joven) first came to Nicaragua in 1988 at the sunset of the Sandinista-Contra War. Today, that conflict continues to inspire resentment towards the United States in the collective consciousness of the country, However, since its establishment, Young Life has grown into 35 ministries spread across the communities of Jinotega, Matagalpa, Managua, Esteli, Granada, Leon and Chinandega. 

Hollman Mendoza leads a remarkable team of Young Life Leaders committed to building healing relationships with kids. Leadership potential in Nicaragua brims with energy and excitement. Their development depends on spiritual renewal so that leaders healed in the grace of Christ might begin to heal the deep wounds of a country, one kid at a time.


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