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Vida Joven Established: 2003

Guatemala has a population of over 13 million people. Political and civil unrest have characterized much of the country's history. Due to underdevelopment, crime, violence and disease, the median age in Guatemala is 20- the lowest in the western hemisphere. 

In the capital of Guatemala City, Young Life (Vida Joven) works to shine a bright light in a very dark pocket of the world. Fito Sandoval and Sandra and Estrela Ambrosio represent the next generation of leaders in Guatemala. Their neighborhood is likely one of the most dangerous in which Young Life has ever established, but they have a vision for their city and their country. 

Groundwork is already under way to establish YoungLives (Young Life's ministry to teen mothers) in a neighboring community. Fito, Sandra and Estela show up every day to love kids and raise them out of hopelessness through the call of Christ. As they work to develop leaders out of violent pasts, they will continue to spread His light.



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